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Name: Major Nathaniel Lilywhite
Canon: iZombie
Scrubs Color: Magenta
Visible Age: 35
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Physique: Muscular
Complexion: Medium to light
Hygiene: Impeccable
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Blue
Defining Marks: Beauty mark under right pec
Accent/Speech: Northwestern United States
Bearing/Demeanor: Friendly, warm, amicable. Has the "male" version of "resting nice face," making him approachable by strangers.
Gait: Average; erect; long strides due to height and leg length.
Habits: Sings in the shower; drums his fingers on his leg when anxious or nervous.
Bio: (The vast majority of this is headcanon since we're given almost nothing about Major's background before we meet him as Liv's fiancée in Season 1).

Major Lilywhite was born and bred in Seattle, Washington. He grew up in a pretty average home as the only child of two loving parents, Diane and Bradley. Growing up, he was always active in almost every sport he could sign up for each season, but his favorite was always football. He played a variety of positions for his high school varsity football team, eventually ending up as the Safety. Despite being an athlete, he never fell into the hole of being the Arrogant, Self-Obsessed Jock. He was well-liked by most people in the school, teacher and student alike. He always went out of his way to sit with someone who was by themselves in the cafeteria, was a part of the National Honor Society, and consistently participated in clubs like Big Brothers Big Sisters. He was quick to take on mentorship roles throughout school and, despite sports dominating his time, he did well in terms of grades (though teachers were often lenient on him for both his kind and goofy personality, as well as the fact that he was one of the star football players).

After graduating high school with honors, he was recruited to play football for and attend the University of Washington. Again, he played Safety for the school's team. He flopped between a few different majors, including English, Philosophy, Exercise Science, and eventually Social Work, which is what he obtained his degree in.

During his junior year of college, he met Olivia Moore at a local house party after being introduced by mutual friends, including Peyton Charles, who was dating one of Major's best friends at the time. The two hit it off almost immediately and began dating shortly there after.

Despite having some interest shown by various professional football leagues, Major decided to put his Social Work degree to good use and started working as a counselor at a homeless shelter for teens and youth, called Helton Shelter. This is when we're introduced to him at the beginning of Season 1.

During season 1, many of the teenagers began to disappear. Major went to the Seattle PD to report them missing, but partially due to the fact that the kids are drifters, they didn't do much. Major decided to take matters into his own hands and began to track them down, one by one. He eventually finds the name the Candyman, the name of a supposed drug dealer to whom many of the kids are linked. He found out the man’s identity, followed him, and broke into his car to look for clues. He was arrested for B&E and was subsequently fired from the shelter.

The Candyman didn’t take being followed and having his privacy invaded very well, so he tried to attack and kill Major in his own home, who shot the man three times. The Candyman still managed to get away, despite being shot so many times. Major decided that he must be going crazy and checked himself into an institution for a couple of months. Here, he met Scott E, a drug pusher who claimed that the cause for everything going on was zombies (Scott was later killed, and Major checked himself out of the hospital).

Once out, Major returned with a vengeance when it comes to the kids. His investigation eventually led him to a place called the Meat Cute Charcuterie. The Candyman caught him and brought him to his boss, one Blaine DeBeers. Blaine, a zombie himself (and the one who infected the protagonist of the show, Liv Moore), was catering to the zombies of Seattle under the guise of the shop, saying he was delivering prime cuts of various animal meats but was instead serving brains (many of whom were the missing teenagers from Helton). Blaine threw Major into his walk-in freezer, slowly killing him over time, before Major eventually got out. Violence ensued. Major killed most of Blaine’s men before Blaine infected Major with his zombie blood. Liv decided to give one of the only cures Ravi had created to Major instead of using it on herself. Lt. Suzuki of the Seattle PD showed up (revealed to be a zombie), and blew the place up in a suicide, allowing Major to get away with the murders.

In Season 2, Major tried to restart his life, becoming a fitness coach and personal trainer. He started noticing a strange thing whenever certain people got near - the hair on his arms would stand on end. He later realized that this was a side effect of the cure and that it had effectively turned him into a divining rod for zombies.

The boss of Max Rager (an energy drink), Vaughn Du Clark, hired Major to become a zombie killer since he could detect zombies. He gave him a list of 300 suspected zombies and wanted him to go through the list. He ensured Major’s agreement by saying that they’d go after Liv first if he didn’t comply. He got addicted to a street drug called Utopium, after he agreed to accompany Ravi to study the drug’s affects at a party (a batch of tainted Utopium is what created the zombies in the first place). It was a way to deal with the pain and guilt of having to kill the people on the list given to him by Du Clark. He eventually got clean, mostly due to Liv’s help and insistence and, instead of killing zombies, he instead decided to freeze them until Ravi could come up with more cures to turn them back into humans. Vaughn thought they were being disposed of and Major could get away with it without having to actually kill anyone.

Major’s eventually found out as the Chaos Killer (he continually insisted on being called the Chaos Kidnapper, given that he hadn’t really killed the majority of his “victims”) as many of the people on the list were high profile and/or wealthy members of the community. He became a bit of a hermit, unable to go to the local stores or anywhere in the neighborhood without being recognized. Du Clark figured out that Major had been freezing them instead of killing them and, before Liv and Ravi can recover the bodies, took them to test various cures on them in the sub-basement levels of Max Rager HQ.

Knowing they need to infiltrate to rescue them (one of the zombies captured was Liv’s then-boyfriend), they decided to crash a “Prison Party” being held at HQ after Du Clark sold Max Rager for upwards of $1 billion. It was a lock-down party, meaning all gates/doors/etc. were locked for a certain period of time before being opened again the following day. Some of the researchers had found Utopium and had done the drug in a stairwell, turning them all into zombies. Because of the lock-in nature of the party, all of the guests were unable to escape and chaos ensued. Eventually, Liv, Major, and Detective Babineaux from the Seattle PD got into the basement to release the captive zombies. They found Rita Du Clark, daughter of Vaughn, ex-lover of Major’s, and ex-room mate of Liv’s, had been turned into a zombie. They released all of the captives and left Vaughn behind, allowing him to be killed and eaten by the “Romero” zombies (think typical The Walking Dead types).

On their way out, they met Vivian Stoll, CEO of Fillmore-Graves, the company that bought Max Rager, while she was eating Rob Thomas' (Matchbox 20) brain following the massacre. Major decided to join her company’s tactical team, and the season ended with him running through drills with other recruits while Liv left the Fillmore-Graves campus.

Personality: Major is a funny, outgoing, kind, and altruistic man with flaws. He's had the ease of being able to skirt by through most of his life thanks to his classic good looks and charm, but he believes in the value of hard work, effort, and altruism. He believes in giving back to others, in showing compassion and understanding, and in using one's powers for good. There are many who'd look at him and get to know surface-level-Major and claim he was perfect, but they'd be ignoring everything that lies below the surface.

Throughout the seasons, we see the very dark side of Major. The one that becomes a vigilante when the Seattle police don't seem to be doing enough to track down the kids who were missing from the shelter where he worked. The one who gets so consumed by the search for "his" missing kids that he broke into the man's (actually a zombie) car whom he believed to be involved, nicknamed The Candyman. The man who had to fight off said man/zombie after broke into Major's home to take his life. The man who thought he was going crazy and checked himself into a mental hospital. The man who continued his pursuit of the Candyman after leaving the institution, killed five or six zombies (he believed were human), captured, left for dead in a freezer, then turned into a zombie. The man who got addicted to a powerful drug called Utopium because he couldn't deal with the stress in his life (or the fact that his ex-fiancee, Liv, had been a zombie all along), but who goes to her and asks for help in overcoming his addiction after realizing he'd been close to hitting rockbottom. The man who became a contract zombie killer for major corporation, Max Rager, in order to spare Liv's life - but who, after the first few kills, decided he couldn't handle murdering them and instead decided to put them in a freezer to preserve them until a cure could be found.

Even in all of the instances in which he had done something morally wrong or ambiguous, there was always something kinder motivating his actions. He wanted to protect the kids at the shelter; he wanted to bring their killers to justice; he wanted to protect Liv. Most of his actions aren't selfishly motivated but rather are made and done to help and/or protect others.

He is an understanding, forgiving sort of person, often to a fault. He gets along well with most people, and would be easily described as an "All-American Nice Guy" by many people who get to know him (or, at least, the surface Major which he shows to those he isn't very close with). He is extremely loyal to his dearest and most trusted friends, though getting to that stage can be somewhat difficult to get to. But once you have a friend in Major, you have a friend for life; there is little that could completely drive him away - and even if you do something to anger and/or upset him, he'll try to give you the benefit of the doubt and give you a chance to explain before completely cutting you out (and often, he doesn't want to do that, anyway).

Skills: Major is athletic, open-minded, and is always thinking of the ‘greater good.’ He’s generally an unselfish and unselfishly motivated person, so he’ll almost always think of what’s best for everyone/all involved instead of what’s best for himself. He believes in the strength and importance of community, working together, and having each other’s backs. Loyalty is an extremely big thing for him, and he doesn’t simply expect it from everyone; he knows that it’s the sort of thing that’s earned, and he almost always intends to earn it. Human connections, friendships, and relationships are also very important to him, which coincides with his emphasis on community. He’s the kind of guy who can rally the troops to support a common cause, who goes out of his way to speak to the kid huddling in the corner, who wants everyone to feel apart of things. Physically, he’s capable of most anything, being in excellent shape. He will more than likely end up being a regular provider in terms of food, game, etc. in the town - though he’ll need some assistance when it comes to using weapons as he’s only used to modern guns.


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